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About Bobbie Nick Voss Charitable Funds

Founded in 2006, The Bobbie Nick Voss Charitable Funds is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit (Tax ID# 87-0764638). We raise money to support colorectal cancer awareness, detection and research. Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, sponsors, and participants in the BNVCF Golf Classic, the Bobbie Nick Voss Charitable Funds has raised in excess of $1,000,000. These funds have been used to support a variety of research and screening programs, including the following examples:


BNVCF is supporting the Medical College of Wisconsin and Dr. Michael Dwinell's lab to help in their work on cancer research. The lab's research focuses on how certain proteins can increase the chances of cancer spreading. The funding will help them study these proteins further to find early signs of potential cancer in the body.

Additionally, BNVCF has provided a special machine called the Nanodrop® ND-1000 Spectrophotometer to Dr. Dwinell's lab. This machine will help the researchers examine various samples more accurately and detect small changes that could indicate cancer, improving their research on cancer cells and tissue samples.


BNV Plaque

Plaque designating the Bobbie Nick Voss Laboratory for Colon Cancer Research at MCW.

The Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic played a crucial role in Bobbie Nick Voss's colon cancer treatment, providing her with both medical care and emotional support. Bobbie spoke highly of the clinic's nurturing environment and the compassion of its staff, which made her treatments more bearable. This positive experience influenced the decision to direct funds from the BNVCF Golf Classic to the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic.

The Lombardi Clinic, in collaboration with Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, offers programs aligned with our mission, “Making a Difference Through Early Detection.” One key program focuses on CT Colonography screening, an advanced method for detecting colon cancer. The clinic's work in promoting this new technology, alongside researchers and radiologists at the University of Wisconsin, further solidified our decision to support its efforts.

The clinic's initiatives aim to alleviate the fear, anxiety, and embarrassment associated with traditional colorectal screening methods, making early detection more accessible to those in need. This comprehensive approach to cancer care and prevention has made the Lombardi Clinic a natural choice for our donation.

Lombardi Cancer Clinic

BNVCF is proud to support Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital. Our funding is helping cover the costs of personnel and equipment to help detect early signs of cancer.

A grant from the Bobbie Nick Voss Charitable Funds has boosted colorectal cancer awareness in our area by supporting a community educator at Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital. This educator has reached out to the community through presentations, education at fairs and events, and awareness displays. Over a thousand people have already received information on colorectal cancer, and more events are planned.

Besides public education, the educator has been in contact with organizations like the American Cancer Society, the Colon Cancer Coalition, and the Colon Cancer Alliance to stay current on trends and information. The educator has also joined the Milwaukee Regional Cancer Care Network, a group of area organizations including Gilda's Club, Wisconsin Division of Public Health, and others, that are working together to increase colorectal screenings for underserved populations and raise awareness for all.

BNVCF Board of Directors

  • Jenny Cagle

  • Peter Van Ermen

  • Rebecca Flynn

  • Rick Fuller

  • Chris Gerlach

  • Richard Kessler

  • Libby Lailer

  • Marsha Mather

  • Julie Boucher Sellars

  • Gaylene Townsley

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