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Who was Bobbie?

Close your eyes and imagine the person who means the most to you…the person who colors your world. .the person you would miss most if he or she wasn’t part of your life…that was Bobbie.


Who was Bobbie? Bobbie was an amazing woman whose life ended too soon. Diagnosed at age 47 with stage 4 colon cancer, Bobbie fought as hard as the best.


She researched her treatment protocols, supplemented conventional medicine with alternative modalities, and approached her cancer with the same intensity, creative spirit and tenacity that she applied to all other areas of her life.

She never lost hope, she never complained, she even approached it with humor calling her visits to the chemo clinic her “spa days” and through it all Bobbie lived her life to the fullest… fitting the cancer in around everything else important to her.

Who was Bobbie? She was a person who gave 110 percent in everything that she did…EVERYTHING…whether it was a relationship, her faith, her career, or her hobbies.


Bobbie was a woman who valued family. She was the daughter who loved and honored her parents. She was the sister who was always there when needed. The aunt whose car keys you would hide because she was so fun you didn’t want her to go home.


Bobbie was a woman who met the man of her dreams when she was 44 and married him just two short years later. And although her cancer diagnosis came early in their marriage they created many happy memories together. Bobbie believed that God brought her husband Michael to her so that she would not have to battle her cancer alone.


Bobbie had a strong faith. Prayer and worship were part of her life. She lived consciously to be compassionate and caring. Shortly before she passed on Bobbie said she wasn’t afraid to die, a testament to her strong faith, but that she was sad about those she was leaving behind.


And there are so many of us who miss her.


Bobbie had a 33 year career in the automotive industry starting out as a part time office clerk and growing into the CFO of a dealership group with 18 locations and 600 employees. Bobbie was a boss who had high expectations of you and pushed you to give it your all and at the same time held herself up to the same high standard.


She was a boss who gave credit where credit was due. She was the boss who cared enough to listen when you needed to talk and was known to personally help out co-workers in need with nothing expected in return.


Bobbie was a woman who approached everything in life with spirit and drive. She loved to golf; she loved to travel; she loved connecting with others; she loved her little white Bijon named Nickers. She owned and rode a Harley!



Who was Bobbie? Bobbie was a woman who once diagnosed made it her mission to spread the word on the importance of knowing colon cancer risk factors, signs and symptoms, and most importantly getting routine colon cancer screenings.


Had Bobbie’s cancer been detected sooner her cure rate would have been so much greater. It was just too advanced at the time of diagnosis. At the age of 51, Bobbie’s vibrant life came to an end. Her spirit lives on in the countless who love her.


Who is Bobbie? Bobbie is your friend. A friend who wants you to know and everyone you love to know that through screening and early detection colon cancer is detectable, treatable, and beatable. Bobbie urges you to know the facts and get screened at age 50 or sooner.


Bobbie wants you to talk to your doctor TODAY.

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